I’ve heard this story many times. You create an innovative product, it’ll help multiple teams, everyone loves it, your pricing seems in the range, but hardly anyone buys it!

While understanding budget categories are one reason to impact sales, I’ve seen too many teams ignoring them, at their own peril. In this article, I’m going to shed light on the importance of understanding customer budgeting, how this impacts your sales and marketing efforts, and what to do.

It’s a great product, but unfortunately not now. Let’s talk in a year

Let’s say you create a SaaS solution that reduces raw…

I’ve been part of 4 B2B startups over the last 22 years, where I have either started marketing from scratch or reset marketing to start from scratch. So if you are starting the marketing journey for your B2B startup, and don’t have the budget to spend, then read on.

  1. Please be a believer first

I’ve seen many a failed plot where half-hearted attempts have lead to full-blown disasters. So if you don't believe in marketing (yet), don’t waste your precious time and dollars here. Instead, read up on how successful startups have used the power of marketing. There are tons…

Failure to achieve the right product-market fit is a major reason why startups fail. Why is achieving this so hard?

Having been part of 4 startups over the last 22 years, and having experienced successes and failures first hand, I thought I’d consolidate my thoughts into the following key points:

  1. Is there a step-by-step process to follow?
  2. How much time does it / should it take?
  3. Who owns it?
  4. What should one do differently daily?
  5. What should one do in the meantime?

#1: Is there a step-by-step process to follow?

Yes and no. I’ve read umpteen articles and posts on…

Shobhit Mathur

Obsessed about how to grow startups, find the product market fit and scale the business in the shortest period of time and the lowest cost

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